Wellness & Spa Alice in Wonderland available in meeting.pl

No, we have not changed the industry. Alice in Wonderland is a beautiful, originally arranged hotel in Nałęczów, which has recently joined our database.

The fairytale atmosphere is touchable at every corner, but doesn’t change the fact that Alice in Wonderland Hotel is not only suitable for business meetings but also for professional conferences. The hotel has four conference rooms, largest of which is designed for up to 80 people. In addition to their standard equipment besides Wi-Fi, there are flipcharts, projector screens, projectors an TV sets. For those who decide to stay longer, the hotel offers nicely furnished double, triple and quadruple rooms. Alice in Wonderland features a professional spa, where every guest is treated individually, and can count on the care of qualified staff.

Meeting.pl rating:
Alice in Wonderland is located in the vicinity of the well-known spa in Nałęczów, just 20 km from Kazimierz Dolny and 30 km from Janowiec, where you can take part in the entire country famous knight tournaments. An excellent place for internal training, during which we would like to ensure that the group has interesting outdoor attractions on site.

More at: www.wkrainiealicji.pl