New brand in Boutique Hotel’s

First boutique hotels were built in the 80s, but this fashion has arrived in Poland just few years ago. According to the principle that small can be also beautiful, elegant and above all interestingly arranged, this type of hotels are springing up in Poland like mushrooms after rain. Meeting organizers are mainly interested in this type of hotels when planning small meetings for important and major customers. And that is the reason why we are eager to show off their presence in our system.
Brand Boutique Hotel’s joined witjh its nine venues in six different locations: Łódź(three hotels), Bytom, Sosnowiec, Wrocław (two hotels), Kazimierz Dolny and Łukta near Ostródy. Boutique Hotel’s, who entered our database have well equipped conference rooms (Wi-Fi, multimedia projectors, flipcharts, LCD screens). Depending on location venues have from 2 up to 5 rooms in which You can arrange professional meetings. Most possibilities will provide in this matter – Król Kazimierz Hotel, which combined area of 4 rooms can hold a meeting for 1000 people. Other hotels can hold on average up to 150 guests.
Almost all Boutique Hotel’s venues have in common characteristic interior design – muted colors of the earth, pleasant neutral interiors and functional furniture – absolute standard of good conference hotel. Most venues is located in town centres or nearby main routes.

Below list of published in Boutique Hotel’s venues:
Boutique Hotel’s I Łódź Malinowa
Boutique Hotel’s II Łódź Rewolucji 1905
Boutique Hotel’s III Łódź Piłsudskiego
Boutique Hotel’s Sosnowiec
Boutique Hotel’s Bytom
Solo Hotel’s Wrocław
Trio Wrocław
Król Kazimierz Hotel
Masuria Hotel&Spa Łukta near Ostróda rating:
Ideal solution for those who have already benefited from the Boutique Hotel’s, and only by changing town want to maintain a similar standard.

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