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We have recently modified the website in order to highlight advantages for event bookers.
This is what you should know.

Find venues, compare offers, select the best one. In 23 minutes!

We all know that event buying process is very time consuming. We conducted a research among our users
and compared the time spent on the enquiry process in traditional way and by using The difference
is astonishing.
The research was?? based on the experience of professional event bookers who use for a prolonged time and on a sample of 10 venues ideal for business.
The typical event organizer spends 6 hours looking for a venue in a traditional way compared to only 1 minute when using A closer look at the venues takes about 1 hour, when you go through the websites as usual.
If you use to compare venues, it will take you only 15 minutes. Selecting 10 venues to the pitch might take even about 20 minutes while allows you to do this in under a minute! Creating the event enquiry will take similar time in both situations: about 6 minutes. But then you need to send it to the selected venues: copying
the enquiry to several emails addressed to different venues will take another 20 minutes. will send
it for you to all venues in a split second.
To sum up – if you decide to use, the enquiry will reach the venues in 23 minutes compared to almost
8 hours when doing it in a traditional way.

Thousands of venues – just one click away! keeps growing rapidly. Every week between 10 to 20 new event venues sign the agreement with us.
We provide our contractors another sales channel and in return the event bookers can enjoy the large selection of various venues. Just one click away!

Save up to 50%. Only at

We know that negotiations can be tough. That iswhy we want you to be well prepared for them. Simple and clear online negotiation panel, various reports , business volume to venues – these are only some of the tools that are waiting for you to help. And we know for a fact that the best negotiators get even 50% discounts on the initial offer!
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