recommendations – Narvil Conference & Spa**** Hotel, Serock

332-room Narvil Conference & Spa Hotel is a combination of a modern conference centre and an exclusive spa. The excellent location at the Narew River bank, within the distance of 37 km from Warsaw, discreet and secluded atmosphere of the surroundings, and a wide variety of entertainment and leisure options to choose from, constitute the unique offer of the Hotel.

It is a place endowed with energy coming directly from the natural environment. The facility was built in full harmony with nature, which provided an inspiration for both the name and the space inside the Hotel. Narvil Conference & Spa is a perfect venue for business events, from small meetings of management boards, through conferences, trade fairs and social events, to congresses and banquets for 1200 people. All 32 comfortable conference rooms are equipped with modern technology. Additionally, sliding walls allow for flexible adjustments of the room area in accordance with the needs of the Organiser.

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