Książ Castle, Wałbrzych joined meeting.pl

This is more than a historical place – a massive fortress from the end of 13th century is the biggest castle in Lower Silesia and third the biggest one in Poland. This defensive stronghold was built in the years 1288-1292 by Duke of Świdnica – Jawor Bolko I. While visiting this castle area, it is impossible to be bored. Tourists have an oppotunity to visit impressive chambers, out of which the most beautiful are: MaximilianRoom, Chinese Room, Italian Room, Green Room and Hunting Hall. Within the premises around the castle one will find a hotel, beautiful gardens, a restaurant and a stud farm. In the castle, there are exhibitions of artistic ceramics and utilitarian porcelain originating from nearby factories. Moreover, exhibitions of flowers and bushes as well as medieval fighting and habits’ shows are also organised there. Both, the Castle Hotel – KsiążCastle and the Duke’s Restaurant are available on our website. We kindly invite Organisers to place inquiries!