Innovative technological solutions applied in hotels

Due to growing competition, increasing organisers’ awareness and the resulting growth of demands, to be able to satisfy the market expectations, hotels need to keep up with dynamic changes, meet customer needs and requirements and constantly beef up their offers. It comes down to implementing broadly understood innovations.

Innovations applied in hotels mean a rich range of themes. Innovativeness can concern a lot of areas – from architecture and equipment, through venue management, to promotion and additional applications, which are more and more frequently offered by hotels.

Innovative solutions

The issue of innovativeness immediately comes to mind in the context of IT solutions. Modern software aims at improving both the management of revenues – revenue management systems, and a network of hotels – property management systems. Effective management is of key importance, therefore a lot of venues use customised software, which facilitates safe and fluent work.

Innovations are also a perfect way to stand out among others. Original space planning, providing solutions, attractions and experiences that other venues do not offer can turn out a recipe for success.

Hotels which constantly beef up their offers are more attractive than venues which do not take care of their own and their guests’ development. The ability to adapt is a must today. It is a hotel that needs to adapt to organisers’ and participants’ requirements, never the other way round. Therefore, analysing trends and following them is essential.

Access to modern technologies is not a problem now. One should just know how to implement and use them to at least take one step closer to success. It is also worth looking for inspirations abroad and use proven patterns.

Booking software

Customer expectations are constantly evolving. Guests want to have permanent access and the possibility to manage their reservations via mobile devices. Hotel managers have no choice but to submit. The Best Western France network offers an innovative application which meets the most demanding customer expectations. The application can be downloaded as a registration confirmation. Guests have access to a few tools at the same time, such as a detailed hotel offer: breakfast, spa, business centre; as well as the weather forecast and local news – displayed on the map, available also offline. Plus, a translation service for text messages , the possibility to book rooms, transfer, spa and a mobile kiosk with newspapers . The application has turned out to be a good solution for both parties.
For hotels – a valuable support in identifying potential needs associated with the stay and the possibility to respond quickly to possible problems. For guests – comfort and care provided by the hotel.

A similar solution has been used by the Hilton Worldwide network, which offers the application that facilitates selecting and booking a room with all conveniences, getting rid of the problem connected with waiting for a room to be prepared or dissatisfaction with its location since it is a customer who selects a room by clicking on its location in the application.

Something new and original

Despite the fact that nearly eighty percent of customers recognise the brand, Scandic hotels were associated with comfort, but also with boredom. The campaign aimed at changing the image and attracting attention. The fight with tradition was not easy. To change the way the hotels were perceived, the brand had to take a brave step. This way, the first mobile hotel of the network was set up – Scandic To Go. It can be delivered to whichever location a guest requests. Scandic To Go is an 18-metre squared portable hotel room that comes with
a terrace, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a comfortable bathtub. The rooms are decorated in accordance with the Scandic’s new interior design concept. The reservation is done in a traditional way. The only difference is that guests request where they would like the hotel to be.

Nevertheless, the best example of applying innovations in a venue is probably NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding. This is one of the first venues in the world which uses technology on such a large scale. The equipment of the hotel and conference rooms deserves a high degree of admiration. The hotel has been dominated by the initiative of so-called Living Lab. It has been using such technologies as holography, 3D systems, touch panels and many other things which one just must see.

No one needs to be convinced that it is worth using modern solutions. They do not have to be like the ones offered by NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding, but without doubt, implementing innovations in particular areas will create new comfort and satisfy guests. One also has to bear in mind that the European Union is constantly supporting innovativeness, providing grants for ambitious and promising projects – the programme for 2014-2020.

Photo Copyright Boegh