7 ways to spoil your event

What to do to spoil every event? We will try to answer this tricky question. Let us introduce you to the Event Guidebook – the other way round. Follow the advices listed below and you can be sure that you will ruin the event. Act the other way, and your event will be successful.

1. Take the orders from your client.

No matter how impractical or unreal your client wish is, always take the orders. Do not try
to dissuade him from making the things ,in your opinion, dangerous for your staff, guests or animals engaged.
The customer is our master, right? Doesn’t matter that he or she wants flying parrots at the Tanzania themed event.

2. You are the organizer!

Remember not to cooperate with your more experienced colleagues during your event. You can be sure that they
will confound your plans, give the advices that you don’t need or maybe even put you to shame in front of the group.
You know better what, where, when or how. You will find Maryla’s Rodowicz phone number on her website, right?

3. Reserve your conference room at the last minute.

The guarantee that the venue will not fit with your needs will be enormous. And so will be the price. If you would like to achieve both of these factors – wait till the last minute.

4. You obviously don’t need the conference room scheme.

The conference room scheme is totally redundant. Every room has doors, walls, floor, ceiling and windows – sometimes. There will be no problem to hang under the ceiling plane’s mockups during a conference dedicated
to safety flights, without knowing any technical details.

5. Recommended band

Your father-in-law told you that on the wedding of his cousin’s sons he had seen a really great band. You have to have them on your event! You can be sure that you father-in-law’s taste is exactly the same as the taste of your guests,
and gentlemen in a bad fitted suites will fit your idea of Star Wars themed event. A man with a keyboard hanging
on his neck looks almost like Anakin Skywalker.

6. Choose your sandwiches based on the photo

You saw pictures of tasty tartines on the catering company’s website and you liked them? Order them for your event! Everybody will love them! You don’t have to waste your time to meet with catering company, taste or create MENU. An egg will always taste like an egg.

7. Do not forget about a crazy anchorman

The situation is a little bit similar to the one with the band. Certainly the anchormen who conduct the harvest festival on the market in Kartuzy, about whom told you your neighbours, who were thrilled with his dirty jokes, will be the right person to lead the urologists’ congress. Do not hesitate! Call him immediately.

WARNING! If you implement at least one of the above mentioned rules, you can be sure that people will remember you and your event for a long time. And it won’t be nice memories. That is why you should never choose the easiest way. If you decide to do something – do it right! Never at last minute, and always check your band, anchorman and catering before the event! Know your conference room scheme and plan everything ahead. Remember that in case
of any accident, you are responsible. And one more thing – the client is not your master.