Meeting.pl – it’s good to know more!

We have recently modified the meeting.pl website in order to highlight advantages for event bookers. This is what you should know. Find venues, compare offers, select the best one. In 23 minutes! We all know that event buying process is very time consuming. We conducted a research among our users and compared the time spent…


Number of RFPs in meeting.pl is rapidly growing

We are slowly approaching the closure of the first quarter of 2015. We are pleased to announce that as of today the number of Venues available in meeting.pl is 486, at the same time another 424 Venues are entering database and are “honing and refining” their profiles. There was 3770 RFPs generated in our system…


We share our knowledge with You!

For several weeks we have worked on the creation of a complete system of support for Organisers. In August on the meeting.pl website we have launched a new tab in the menu: KNOWLEDGE AND SUPPORT. Thanks to it you will learn how to create an RFP, send your inquiry to selected Venues and how to…


Take advantage of our webinars for Organisers!

Now are available weekly webinars fo Organisers as a part of a complete system of support. On the webinar website, there are two topics for online meetings: QUERY BUILDER in meeting.pl, during which we train how to properly create an RFP, how to set the system messages related to RFPs as well as how to…


New functionality – cloning RFPs in meeting.pl

We are continuously working on improvement of the system meeting.pl, also following the suggestions given to us by our Users. In recent days, we have implemented a very important functionality available in PREMIUM subscription whereby the Organiser has the ability to copy a previously created RFPs. This solution will allow the Organiser to save considerable…


Customer Service Department

Taking care of the highest quality of services provided by meeting.pl, we have implemented a tool to improve Customer Service and created a professional call centre. The provider of this solution is Thulium. Features including queuing of calls with Customers, reporting or call recording have been implemented, owing to which each Customer notification will be…


New functionalities in meeting.pl

We are continuously working on improving meeting.pl while considering suggestions of our Users. Recently, we have added a new functionality facilitating adding new Facilities by Organisers to existing offer inquiries as a result of which, Organisers can add new Facilities even at the negotiation stage. Do not wait! Increase your productiveness, try out meeting.pl: https://meeting.pl/en/how-it-works/price-list/


New functionality – an administrative account for networks of Hotels!

We have launched a very important function for networks of Hotels – currently, in addition to accounts used for handling RFPs and administrative accounts found in each of the hotels, it is also possible to establish an administrative account for more than one object. Thus, the person responsible for sales activities across the network of…