14 Hot Hotel Trends for 2016

Event professionals who spend a lot of time in hotels will be happy to learn that a lot of innovative ideas will transform hotels in the near future. Many are already in place at select properties. Blogging for U.S. News & World Report, Lyn Mettler  illuminates 14 hot hotel trends for 2016. Quicker check-in.  At an ever-expanding number of…


The Martian Survival Guide for Event Planners

In the just-released film of Andy Weir’s novel The Martian, Matt Damon plays NASA astronaut Mark Watney, marooned on Mars where he has to use his wits to survive against enormous odds. We’re big fans of The Martian at Eventbrite so we thought we’d share some of our favourite takeaways for event planners. Okay, exploring…


7 ways to spoil your event

What to do to spoil every event? We will try to answer this tricky question. Let us introduce you to the Event Guidebook – the other way round. Follow the advices listed below and you can be sure that you will ruin the event. Act the other way, and your event will be successful. 1….


Ranking like no other

Among alarming information coming from the whole world, among national news concerning decisions making on the State level, we have decided to create something “light” to entertain our readers and serve them a ranking they have never seen before. Has anybody ever wondered how long should the hotel name be? Are 53 characters in a…


“We should get rid of complexes”

Mrs. Krystyna Hartenberger-Pater, General Manager of Pomorskie Tourist Board in interview for meeting.pl talks about maturity of the Polish event industry, its willingness to cooperate with regions, and conference infrastructure development. 1. What the cooperation between tourist organization and event industry is based on? We live in times, when unique emotions, experiences, impressions are the…


Meeting.pl – it’s good to know more!

We have recently modified the meeting.pl website in order to highlight advantages for event bookers. This is what you should know. Find venues, compare offers, select the best one. In 23 minutes! We all know that event buying process is very time consuming. We conducted a research among our users and compared the time spent…


Event management – part I

Organisation of events is the same project as producing cars or constructing a housing estate, which is why its preparation should be treated like that. Do we in Poland know how to manage projects, particularly the event ones? Experienced event managers or producers are able to organise even the most extensive event. They have been…


The meeting.pl Event Checklist – 9 questions to ask a venue

The most common problem arising during every project execution, including an event one, is communication – regardless of whether it is a project team, a subcontractor, a venue or a customer. An organiser’s duty is to have knowledge about any essential details associated with a given subcontractor. So-called Event Checklists are useful here. Today we…


10 hotel trends that attract organisers

Due to more and more demanding organisers and conference participants, hotels’ tasks are getting tougher and tougher. It is more and more difficult to attract organisers, which is why we present current trends and indicate what to pay attention to not to lag behind. 1. Eco-trend Quite rightly, for some time ecology has been put…


Where to organise a small training session?

When preparing a training session for a small, yet, demanding group, e.g. the company’s employees, we need to remember about different factors, such as: location, room equipment and attractive prices. Two new venues has just appeared in the meeting.pl base. They can help you take your final decision. Energetyk in Ustka is the newest holiday resort…

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