We are developing!

We are in the middle of introducing Call Centre and extending the Customer Service Department in our seat, in Szczecin. We decided to speed up this process due to a quickly growing number of users of our website. The aim of the Call Centre being established will be to actively sell services of meeting.pl to…


Cottonina Villa & Mineral SPA Resort available in meeting.pl

Cottonina Villa & Mineral SPA Resort is an exceptional place in the heart of Jizera Mountains, situated in a health resort Świeradów-Zdrój. This is a perfect place for people who wish to restore their vital forces by joining caring SPA treatments with an active rest in the mountains. The establishment of Cottonina was inspired by…


Książ Castle, Wałbrzych joined meeting.pl

This is more than a historical place – a massive fortress from the end of 13th century is the biggest castle in Lower Silesia and third the biggest one in Poland. This defensive stronghold was built in the years 1288-1292 by Duke of Świdnica – Jawor Bolko I. While visiting this castle area, it is…


New functionalities in meeting.pl

We are continuously working on improving meeting.pl while considering suggestions of our Users. Recently, we have added a new functionality facilitating adding new Facilities by Organisers to existing offer inquiries as a result of which, Organisers can add new Facilities even at the negotiation stage. Do not wait! Increase your productiveness, try out meeting.pl: https://meeting.pl/en/how-it-works/price-list/